It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Well here we are folks, on the very brink of the season of peace and goodwill. I am super excited (as is my wont) and enjoying my favourite month thoroughly!

The last week of term flew by, a blur of giggles and stresses and carols and my birthday and crackers and gifts. The children had a grand old time and I was very proud of them all. But some what relieved to actually wave them out the door last Friday, I must confess. I love them to pieces and we've had a cracking term, but it was definitely time to relax and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzs.

The weekend was lovely. The boy came up on Friday and we had a lovely cosy meal in the local, and a Saturday of basically mooching around being lazy before getting the train back to London. Then we went to my gorgeous friend Emily's for festive drinks and food (venison *and* red cabbage? Nom nom nom!), which was very grown up and fabulous, all at the same time. Sunday was a fry up and chat with Siobhan, Hebba and Dan, and wandering around the city in a quest for coffee. And on Sunday night, the lovely Katie Boo and Jase threw me a FakeBirthday get-together - just five of us chilling, drinking champagne, eating nibbles and playing singstar. Aceness embodied!

The rest of the week so far has been full of goodness - buying gifts, writing cards, drinking tea, carol singing around the village, wrapping gifts, queueing in the post office and planning the roadtrip home (I leave here Dec 19th. I get to my parents on Dec 24th!).

How has your December been so far?

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  1. Sounds really great. Much better than my cruddy December.

    Who is this 'the boy' of which you speak? Is he just a boy, or is he "the" boy?

  2. December has been pretty good to me, so far. Although I can't believe it's half over!

    Happy Christmas Claire!

  3. My month has consisted of my car breaking down, falling on my ass due to ice, and being late for work. Good times!

  4. You sound merry and you should be with all you have going on!

    Happy birthday!! My big day was yesterday and I'm enjoying December like I always do...with family, good friends, cheerful music, fantastic food and my little plastic card. ;)

  5. December has flown by for me!

    You live a fabulous life Claire. I want just one weekend with you and your life. I think I would love it!

    And yes... who is this boy? Huh? Hmmm? You gonna tell us or what? :P

  6. Happy! My December has flown by, until this week when we've been largely snowed in.

  7. My December has been neither here nor there, but I am certainly enjoying being surrounded by carols and pretty Christmas displays. It's a very good season.


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