A weekend alone

Heavy snows meant that I wound up staying put this weekend. This was all sorts of disappointing, because I had been due for a red wine and gossip weekend with Hannah, but with people getting stranded here there and everywhere and heavy snow predicted for this afternoon, I decided to do the right thing. How mature of me. I also turned down a very kind invite to Brum, but we're really rural here and the roads are iffy at best - didn't want to have to call my Headmaster and tell him I was stuck elsewhere Monday morning.

So it's been lowkey - writing letters, baking cupcakes, Twitter (oh, I'm getting into it now!), planning, reading loads of blogs, ironing, laundry, tidying, watching Oprah, listening to the radio, organising and sleeping. Oh man, I love to sleep (am about to head off again in a mo!). I think I will look back on this chilled time fondly as this week kicks in...

How was your weekend?

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  1. My goodness. The amount of snow you're getting sounds crazy!

    I like low-key weekends every now and then.

    Mmmmm cupcakes.

  2. Crazy, fun and I wish I had more time to lounge and rest my head the way you did...but you'll make up for it I'm sure. ;)

    I had a fantastic weekend with karaoke on Friday, breakfast with the artist on Saturday and my son's soccer banquet this afternoon. I'm finally able to sit and read blogs, the best way to top off a good weekend.

    Have a wonderful week, girl friend!!

    Btw, are you on Facebook?

  3. Sometimes snow days are fun! We usually watch movies and Lorne likes to bake. I like to eat what he bakes ;o)

    This weekend was good. Almost finished packing, Adopted 2 gerbil sisters and sang and danced cuz we're moving in 5 days!!!

  4. Hey Girlie! Your letter for the letter meme is.....
    Have fun!

  5. i am liking the look around here all springy and full of flowers... it's been awhile since i've been here. this sounds like an awesome weekend for you! baking the cupcakes (what flavor?), ironing, watching Oprah... very domestic and cozy sounding claire. mine was filled with the angst of trying to catch up with a mouse/rat who has come to live in our house. not a cute country mouse like you oh no! a loud and terribly scratchy, scary, sounding mouse that gets busy at night doing whatever kind of work mice do in the dark when we are trying to sleep. i am exhausted... i am a very humane mouse/ rat catcher but these creatures have got to find a new place to crash.

  6. Enjoy...smart of you to stay home rather than deal with weather people are unprepared for, but drive in anyway! There were SO many wrecks here when we had the snow in December.

    Weekend was fun. We saw the Pink Panther II - I am a sucker for laughs.

    Now I want cupcakes.

  7. It sounds like a week-end Jane Austen would be proud of ; )

    But really, wow snow. And coming from me in the frozen tundra of the northern midwest, that is saying something!

    hope you are staying warm

  8. Do be safe out there. We just got dumped with snow ourselves.

  9. I went to a wedding that nearly didn't happen, on the other side of the country.

    It was fun.

  10. sounds like a perfect weekend actually :)

    i enjoy those the best i think ...

  11. Any weekend that involves baking cupcakes is a good weekend. ;-)

  12. that's more productive than i am when i stay in all weekend! i end up with an extended date with the couch... :-)

  13. It was a beautiful weekend here, but I know people are tired of hearing about our 72F weather. But oddly enough, since I grew up around snow and haven't had a weekend like yours in over twenty years, I'd trade places.

  14. Love the new blog look Claire! Sounds like a cozy weekend. I miss the snow...

  15. Sounds like you made the most of it!

  16. PS I nominated you for a lemonade award.


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