Here's the thing.

I have way too much stuff.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much stuff.

Books, scarves, teeshirts, CDs, mugs, shoes, postcards, bags, lovely little gifty things, photoframes, shiny things I bought on impulse, eyeshadows, sweaters.... I'm incredibly lucky.

But I'm also moving in four months.


Guess who's trying to sort out stuff right now?

Trying to decide which things I definitely need - teaching notes, pens, Jockey Bear, a kettle, my laptop, my iPod.

Trying to sort the things I would definitely like to keep and have with me - cute shoes, wind up Mozart, pretty nicknacks friends have given me.

Trying to think of some stuff that Mum and Dad *might* store for me for a few years (our big three bed in Forres probably having more room in one room than wherever I may end up in London may have in total) - books, PGCE notes, my printer.

Then there's the stuff to get rid of - stuff to recycle, stuff to throw, stuff to give to the charity shop, stuff to give to friends, stuff to try and sell...

Four years is the longest I've ever lived anywhere...and man, have I done it in style!

Back to the boxes!

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  1. The missus is making me do something similar right now. I have to keep an eagle eye on her to make sure she's not chucking any of my truly beloved stuff that she views as "junk".

  2. Good luck moving! I dread the thought of moving from our home - we have been there 8 years and have accumulated so much stuff, it's frightening. Praying for Stellan!

  3. The worst part of packing isn't the packing. It's deciding what to do with all the stuff! Pack? Toss? Donate? Store? Endless decisions!
    Good Luck.

  4. how exciting to be moving. and to be organizing and reducing. it's horribly cleansing. a real production! i am in the middle of a move of sorts, too. i am moving my office which is in my home's lower level to the upstairs. in order to do that i must first excavate boy wonder's room. he is in college now, so is not home to do it himself (and i need it done before 2026!!)
    it's a huge job and i procrastinate muchly. you of course, have not much choice.
    thanks for visiting my blog (you found me i don't know how, but thanks for the visit!) and i wish you much success as you continue your moving process.

  5. www.morethanthestarsinthesky.blogspot.com8:32 PM, March 26, 2009

    Wow! Thanks for visiting my blog. Only the second time I've had someone I didn't know to visit.

    So you're moving to exciting! I have lived in the same state all my life. Will this be your first time living abroad?

    Back to your stuff....they say if you haven't used something in 6 months to get rid of it. This only applies to non-sentimental items and antiques etc. Good luck with packing.


  6. I just realized after looking at your profile you do live abroad....for me anyway. I saw the United and automatically assumed United States. Oh, well!

  7. It's strange how much we accumulate over the years, isn't it?

  8. I have way too much stuff too! And..I just donated 10 bags full of clothes and shoes to charity.

  9. We humans are so funny with our stuff, I think.

    I wish that during moving, I could just apparate all of it a la Harry Potter.

  10. I hate sorting things, especially my kids stuff

  11. I hate packing and I hate moving. But good luck!

  12. I have actually lost stuff from moving over the years, and still have way too much.

  13. Well, well moving to the UK! I hope it isn't an inner city school in London. I did my teaching practice in a school next to Wandsworth Prison. That was quite an experience.

    Packing sucks! Last time we moved we got the removal company to do the packing. It was well worth the money!

  14. STUFF is overwhelming. Thanks for the comment. Blessings on your move. Exciting!!

  15. Hi Claire

    Try selling your stuff on ebay. I love when I can buy stuff from the U.K. I lived there for almost two years and I miss a lot of the things I can't get in America.

    Are you moving to London? Where? I lived in Tooting (Broadway). I wouldn't really recommend it, but I did ok there.


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