That wonderful feeling when you wake up *before* the alarm.

The ache you get in your ribs after running.

The warm fuzzies when you do something well - whether it's teaching a calculation, solving a problem, or just listening.

The smileyness you get inside at the thought of catching up with people, having lunches and coffees and dinners, going to picnics and parties. Thinking of all the great things that are happening for the people you love.

The clean feeling you get after eating lots of fruit and veg, and drinking loads of water.

The happiness you feel when you come home and there's fun mail waiting for you.

That sleepy tired out feeling you get after another busy, fun, blessed day.

That wonderful feeling you get when you realise the gap is almost done, and you have a long weekend ahead with the boy. And the fact that soon those gaps will be few and far between.

These are the feelings that are rocking my tiny planet at the mo. How about you?

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  1. Yes, I have had those feelings. :)

  2. Ache in the ribs! Ack! I've never gotten that after running...ache in the ankles, definitely...

    I'm enjoying the fact that I do not have to work outside on this nasty, wet day.

  3. Joy and happiness at the great time I've had with my wife and children, underpinned with tension and worry at being unemployed with nothing on the horizon.

    Interesting thoughts! Made me stop and think.

  4. That is a lovely list. You have lifted my spirits. Thank you! :-)

  5. Only you would be happy with waking up before the alarm. That is the bane of my existence.

  6. I like the pain in the ribs while running...

  7. The first taste of a cold stout.

  8. I, too, hate the 'waking before the alarm goes off' feeling... UNLESS I wake up thinking the alarm is about to go off to find that I still have an hour (or more) to sleep. Drifting back to sleep - that is a wonderful feeling!

    My current favorite feeling is when I know that 'Scotch' recognizes me from across the room. :-) Fun post!


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