Not me! Monday, May 11th 2009

Yay! It's been such a long while since I've done one of these! Not Me Monday's are the brainchild of the gorgeous and multitalented Mckmama, whose little boy Stellan was so very ill (and now back home and doing well, thank the Lord!). Obviously, no-one much felt like posting comedic anecdotes on our silliness while Stellan was ill, but now? It's back on!

So here are my things that totally, utterly, definitely did not happen this past week or so...

I totally did not have to call in sick for work this morning due to a nasty-ass reaction I was having. Because of course, being the sensitive skinned, ex-severe eczema sufferer that I am, I religiously study the ingredients of each and every product I ever come into contact with. So I did not have a red, angry looking rash all over my back, arms, and stomach. And it totally wasn't prickly and sore and painful. I did not feel nauseated, or feel faint, or have a monster headache. I totally did not take fifteen minutes to compose and type a four line email to my colleagues because I had to look away from the screen every ten seconds. I then did not go back to bed until one, and awake feeling a tonne better, and am not now feeling a world away from how I was last night/this morning. As if!

I so did not have to check the spelling of eczema back there. How silly would *that* be?

I certainly did not do a happy dance of glee because my beautiful Bentley bracelets arrived in the mail this morning. I'm totally not looking forward to wearing them soon....

I emphatically did not just have soup for tea in place of fresh veggies (which my fridge is full of), simply because I'm a little worn out and tired.

I did not get a little girly and embarassed by some of the party / drinking games that people were playing on Saturday at the barbeque, because of course I love joking about certain somewhat private and personal topics. So naturally I didn't wander off to the kitchen and do the drying up with Matthew inside, so that others could have their fun but I didn't have to go bright red (that would come the next day with the rash. Bdmm, tish!). I'm just not not that cool...

I did not fall about laughing when I discovered I still had one more Christmas gift to deliver. Vixie, this one *literally* has your name on it!

I am not contemplating making myself a little countdown till the actual date of the Big Move of 09 (tm). Or messing around with layouts for 'New Home' cards. I mean, come on! I am also totally excited about moving in with my three boys. It's going to be lively...(or should that be "it's not going to be lively?")

How about you?

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! That reaction sounds terrible.

  2. Wow, that sounds like no fun at all! Hope u feel better soon!

  3. Feel better! I have very sensitive skin and I'm feeling your pain :(

    Glad Stellan is better!

  4. One more Christmas gift to still deliver.

    That is the awesome! :D

    And good work on calling in sick. It's so important to take care of yourself.

  5. You totally did not have a great time and the pretend shindig. I hope you totally feel better from your fake illness. ;)

  6. That's a LOT you didn't do! lol
    Hope you're back to normal now and having a better week :)

  7. I know that different cultures celebrate Christmas at different times but last time I checked, Christmas was a December think in the UK.


    You're waiting for, er, what?

    And there are worse places to have a rash than arms, legs and stomach.

  8. Is that the teacosy i knitted you in the background? It looks THE awesome on your teapot, phew am glad it fits! Sorry about that... Am glad you feel better tho lovely x x x Mlle Wilson

  9. LOVE that you found a Christmas gift in MAY!!!!

    Hope you're feeling better today!!!

  10. LOVE the Christmas gift in May! :O)

  11. Thanks for the sweet compliments on my living room blog! Did you post about your living room too? I love Kelly's Korner.


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