Up, down, spinning around....

Yeah, it's going to be one of those half terms!

Friday, school let out, and I had a blissfully relaxed and lazy evening. Which is lucky, because then it all kicked off....woke up early Saturday reday to drive the three hours north to Liverpool, to attend one of my favourite Join Meets, Loverpool. Arrived in time for a nice cup of tea with Jamanda and Laurie, and then off into town.

We met by the Catholic cathedral, as is traditional. That building is something else - it looks like an embassy from Star Wars or Star Trek! (Don't believe me? I'm sure google has pics!) A good couple of dozen Joinees from here, there and everywhere. Lots of chat and hugs and banter, and then we split into teams for our RAoK (Random Acts of Kindness) challenge - part scavenger hunt, part doing nice things for the people of Liverpool. I was on the kickass team 4 with Siobhán, Angel, Sheli, Ems, Jamie, Katie Boo and Craig and it was a riot - giving out sweeties and hugs, buying drinks and pies for people, making old ladies smile, and generally being silly. :-)

Then Craig, Sheli, Ems, Siobhán and I formed 'Team Eat' and went for tapas (mmmm, tapas), and were joined by the lovely Tigger, before joining the whole gang in the pub. Such a fun evening - laughs and hugs and tears and chat and fun and raising lots of money for a very worthy charity. Thank you, Team Loverpool - it was a triumph! By the time we got back to Casa Jamanda I was wiped, and was soon bundled up like a caterpillar, fast asleep....

....Sunday I woke up on the couch, in a room with eight good friends - it's very like boarding school at Join Meets sometimes! A lazy morning getting showered and fed and sorted, a quick jaunt to Asda, and then a lazy afternoon grilling and chilling in the park. How lucky am I? Then at teatime I headed home.

Yesterday was my one home based day of the break - lots of sleep, some baking, and just generally *not* haring about. I'm just about to jump in the shower and pack now....off to London today, then on to Birmingham tomorrow. Then back here Friday. Then back to London Saturday. Good thing I like to be busy, eh?

How are you?

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  1. Oh, life is good. The broken hot water heater is still heating water, somehow. It's magic! Oooooo...

  2. That sounds like spectacular fun! I may have to thieve the idea and start something similar in my hometown.

  3. Lucky you with some time off. Not that I can complain. I have three more weeks 'til exams!

    I am so excited for my first Join Meet! :D

  4. I want to be on Team Eat! What a fun weekend.

  5. Making old ladies smile and generally being silly...I love that! :)

    I'm glad you had fun!!

    I went ice skating with the family and stayed indoors watching the rain fall outside my window. A little TOO relaxing, you might say, but I got some reading time in...and I'm happy about that!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Chica!!


  6. You, most definitely, are a busy girl!

  7. Sounds like you are in good spirits!! Mmmm tea, I think I shall go make myself a cup.

  8. Wow sounds like busy fun....Loverpool sounds like an outstanding thing..you have the heart of an angel....there should be more people like you...Zman sends


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