Happy Snaps: June 11 and 12

Thursday saw the start of the 'New Home' card bonanza - I wanted to make a big start before the end of June when they are due in the mail!

If I have your address, I'll probably be mailing you my new contact details. If I don't have your address and you'd like them, feel free to email me your addy and I'll pop you on the list! I love mail far, far, far too much!

My sunshiney shoes on Friday! I really like them, they cheer me up. And make me a whopping 5'7" too. :-)

Andrew, Rosie and Harriet in my classroom at school. So cool to see them down here, even if it felt a little like two worlds colliding! :-)

Me, Harriet, Andrew. They are such a cute couple!

Hahahaha. I totally can't recall what was so gigglesome.

Please do note my clutter strewn desk - this point in term my classroom tends to look like it's been hit by a paper hurricane!

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  1. You look really pretty in those last photos!! Your outfit is cute and your hair looks great!!

  2. you are so CUTE!! and those shoes *swoon!! :-) i heart yellow!

  3. Yes, please send so we can send you neat move-in cards...I need some shoes like that! 5'7" is 4" more than I've got in bare feet.

  4. Love the cards. I just may e-mail you soon! :)

    Your sunshiney banana-yellow shoes are awesome! They'd make me 5'10" I think, but I'd be happy looking down at everyone.

    Cool classroom shots. You even giggle at work...I LOVE it!! :)

  5. Those shoes are the cat's meow! ADORABLE!

  6. good to see you are back...we in the blogging world love your posts and happy to see you have risen above the nastiness...zman sends

  7. GASP! Those shoes would make me smile all day too! LOVE them!


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