Happy Snaps: June 15, 16, 17

After a long day, Tubbs the hippo and some good books request my attention.

That thick wodge of paper? Would be the reports I had to proofread yesterday evening...

Crazy desk of busyness!

Made by one of my pupils. Who may be a Kelly Clarkson fan? "Life will suck without you"

Haha, this one requires a head turn.... the time I got in from work today. Exhausted more or less covers it!

Flying saucers! Nom nom nom. These + wine = a fun evening in! :-)

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  1. That desk makes me tired looking at all the paperwork!

  2. Mmm flying saucers.
    We have one of those books! (I haven't read it, of course. I leave the tricky stuff to dh!)
    Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is really pretty, I need to get some proper backgrounds and stuff too.


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