Happy Snaps: June 18

Hmmmm. Less "happy" I guess, more pensive. One of those evenings where I just needed a cuddle or a cuppa, but neither were forthcoming at that precise moment. That big old desk of doom I photographed earlier this week had me down a little earlier, hence the self portraits. I'm off to go do the dishes to 80s hair rock now, and hopefully improve my mood (I'm down due to pure and simple overwork, with a shot of loneliness. Ready for a change!).

Ah well, at least it's Friday tomorrow!

Sending blessings.

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  1. It must be the Thursdays blahs, I'm exhausted myself and ready for the weekend.

  2. hugs honey ... hope you are dancing away by now :-) muah!! xo

  3. I don't see any "happy" here! When I feel like this, I get cheesecake. :)

  4. i love the new look of your page claire. obviously it has been quite some time since my last visit :) claire those yellow sunshine shoes rock!!! now it is friday so i am thinking your expression will be a slight more happy. I love all the self-portraits, you are adorable :)

  5. 80s hair rock is the perfect solution - along with something really bad for youand chocolate!

  6. I hope you get a good rest this weekend. :-)

  7. I definitely like the new layout. You've inspired me to go find a new one for my blog. But like I said on my last post, I'm lazy.
    I hope things look up for you this weekend!

  8. Keep dancing...you'll feel better. I recommend salsa with a shot of espresso. If you lived closer I'd dance and drink with you...and give you a hug!!! xoxo

  9. Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps! BTW, don't forget to swing by and celebrate Sx3 with me today. A Tar-Jay Gift Card is at stake!


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