Some favourite things...

Because it's always nice to remember! Here goes:

Driving in the sunshine - I'm making the most of it before I sell little car in August.

Butterflies - I'm seeing lots around the garden at the moment.

New shoes! I bought some beautiful pink flower canvas pumps and some red tartan ones too. I loves them! :-)

Waking up to sunshine!

Spending time with my pupils just chatting and chilling. Lessons are great and I adore teaching, but I also like just hanging out with them, seeing what's up with them.

This video. Eeeeee! So cute! Squirreltacular.

Clinique 'Happy'. The scent I wear the most, and one that I just adore. It reminds me of fun times, and holidays, and cuddles with the boy, and a million and four good nights out.

Packing and sorting, when it's for a good reason (I can't wait to be in London, baby!).

Veggies. I'm on a total veggies kick lately, eating lots of spinach and tomatoes and peppers...gorgeous.

Really unashamedly cheesy pop. Sometimes, even an indie girl like me can dance to Cascada! I think I like it mainly because it sounds a bit Britney...

Summer dresses and skirts. I love floaty comfy pretty clothes!

Sanctuary toiletries. I adore this brand! So rich and creamy and smells gorgeous.

Good books. I'm on a real reading kick. I'm reading two at the moment - The State of Africa and Adventures on the High Teas. A Claire with a good book, a cup of tea, and a spare half hour, is a very happy Claire indeed!

Sharing meals - don't you just love long conversations over a meal with a glass of wine and some good friends (or a handsome boy?).

Yellow roses. Oh, how I love them! They always look so friendly and awesome.

Summer socialness! Lots of picnics and meals and drinkies ahead, and now I am off to get ready to go celebrate Miss Bryony Boo's first birthday! Jelly, ice cream, and cuddles, huzzah!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. you have your very own butterfly to share! how pretty is that! i know you are going through many, many changes and i wish you the very best claire. i am happy for you! you're doin' good girl!

  2. Robin, I'm afraid I can't take credit for the pic - was a beautiful one I found on google images - the url is in the pic :-).


  3. Awhhh your little car! No.....What does it look like? I bet it's super cute.

    Can't wait to hear about London when you get there.

  4. Oooh, I love it! Oddly enough, yesterday, I was thinking about writing a post about stuff I love.

  5. Oh yah, you should def immortalize the car by posting a picture on the blog!

    All fun stuff and good luck with the move!

  6. Hey lovely, your feet look gorgeous ;-)
    Mlle Wilson x x

  7. I love beauty in all its forms...the flower pics were yes great...Zman sends

  8. Butterflies, new shoes (love the red!), picnics and summer reading books...I love it!

    I need to make time for playing outdoors again...only instead of butterflies, we have lizards and iguanas in our yard.

    Keep having fun! We all love a happy Claire! :)


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