Time off

Hello all,

Due to some real nastiness in the comments recently (I have been misconstrued somewhat by a vocal yet 'anonymous' person / persons) and some incredible busyness in life, I'm going to take a blog break for a few days, maybe a week. I'll be back, but I need to go lick my wounds, relax and have a time out. I'll be checking in on your blogs, no doubt (like I could stay away... ;)) and praying for those I pray for as ever.

With love and blessings,
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  1. What?? Someone's being nasty to you?

    This is what's going to happen to them: I will punch them in the nose, Becca T will then kick them in the shins, and then I'll leave my eco-posse to finish them off.

    This makes me sooooooooo angry that some anonymous douchebag is being mean to you. GRRRRR!!! Any clues from sitemeter as to where they are from?

  2. Oh, and I'll send Rilo after them too. She's got sharp claws 'cus her owner doesn't trim them enough. ;)

  3. So sorry your taking a break but I understand. People are so cruel sometimes. Get refreshed and come back renewed.

  4. Who could be nasty to YOU?? You are the sweetest! I'm sorry. They're obviously a sniveling fuckhead with a small dick.

  5. Let me at em. No one messes with my blogger buddies.

  6. Sorry to hear that, and I agree, I don't know how someone could be nasty to you. I look forward to seeing you back online again!

  7. For Pete's sake... why to mean people always have so much time on their hands? Oh yeah, it must be because they don't have any friends. :-ppppppppp

  8. Interesting how the person/people are commenting annonomously...cowards Claire, they are cowards.

    I always love to read your blog as it's uplifting and cheerful!

  9. Just put those folks that leave unwelcomed comments on moderation they will stop once they see they are not getting anywhere....your blog is funny and entertaining and enlightening dont go far and pls come back...Zman sends

  10. You are too sweet to be receiving nasty anythings from anybody! They are obviously jealous of who you are and what you represent, and their pitiful lives are wasted in trying to bring you down with them. Please don't let them upset you (they have to get through us first!), and try not to disappear for too long. I miss you already. :(

    Cheers, amiga!!


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