How to wind up home alone(ish) on a Friday night

1. Do not own a watch.

2. Forget that long (awesome) chats and equally long tube rides can make getting to places tricky.

3. Leave pyjamas for third fun thing of the day all the way at home in Leyton.

4. As soon as you leave home, realise your phone is fast running out of charge. This adds to the fun.

5. Have fun lunch in Spitalfields. Stay and linger over lattes.

6. Go to Notting Hill Gate. Have amazing girly time with chat and cupcakes.

7. Keep chatting.

8. Keep chatting.

9. Get to Notting Hill Gate tube. Realise that it's seven o'clock. The time you were due to be in North London. Wearing the pyjamas you've left in Leyton.

10. Beat self up mentally, almost burst into tears.

11. Calm down, rationalise, text apologies for the evening's event and promise to bring cakes as a sorry offering soon.

12. As the pyjama party is now out, text the boy who is due to be at home waiting for a grocery delivery.

13. Get on train. Underground train. No signal.

14. While on train, realise that you could be really nice and get boy's favourite pasty if you stopped at Liverpool Street en route, and then get the quicker train on. Ah-ha!

15. Dash up, buy yummy food, sprint onto train that is juuuuust about to leave.

16. Phone rings. Boy. "Where are you?"

17. "I'm just leaving Liverpool Street, where are you, honey?"

18. "In the pub at Liverpool Street, Dave's cool to wait at home"

19. "Oh".

20. Phone cuts out, as only enough battery left for texts now.

21. Stuck on train to Stratford, texting, apologising to host and friends, saying sorry to boy and explaining phone probs.

22. Change trains and spend the ride to Leyton about to burst into tears (I hate letting people down).

23. Get home. Say hello to flatmate Dave.

24. Check trains.

25. Definitely no way of getting up to North London. Oh well, can have time with boy.

26. Oh no I can't, he's still out.

Definitely time for a shower, a cup of tea, and a pasty, methinks. Today has been great, but the last two hours have been an epic fail (no one's fault but mine). Awesome Crazy Dave, I'm so sorry I missed your shindig. I was so looking forward to hanging out. I hope we can see each other before too long, and that you all had an AWESOME pyjama party!

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  1. Well here's to a better pyjama party next time!

  2. I am home, and alone tonight too (we not technically, Mr. Fix It is on the other side of the house, asleep. I had a nice drink, a nice swim and now plan on some good reads.

  3. This makes me tired!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

  4. Ah... there's worse things on a Friday night than a shower, a cuppa and a pasty :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, although you tragically missed a party. But there will always be more parties, right?

  6. Sorry to hear all that. If I'd known you were having a rubbish time I wouldn't have texted you photos of the food. :(

    It was a fun evening, but would have been all the better for you. Hope you had a great Sunday to make up for it!


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