Summertime, and the living is easy (well, easier...)

I am well and truly on summer break. I have a million things to do, sure, but the 6 am starts and emails demanding reports, results, and meetings all feel like a lifetime away! Now I have emails about bridesmaids dresses, picnics, and moving dates. Good times.

A week tomorrow is moving day, and I feel a little underprepared, but I know I'll get it done somehow. Next week should be easier, as it's T-5, T-4, T-3...etc., whereas this week it's still over a week away, so bar the obvious (books, DVDs, winter clothes, etc.) I've been wary of packing stuff I might need. I also need to go and clear out my classroom. Now *that* is going to take a while. I've also kicked off another exercise streak (exam season ruined me this year). I'll let you know how it goes!

Right, time to get changed, get packed, go for a swim and get to work. Tomorrow I am down to the city again for Matthew's birthday drinkies. Oh, and I have to transport two goldfish. By rail...

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  1. I hope the goldfish transplant goes well!

  2. Goldfish transportation! There's something you don't hear about every day.

  3. One week! That's pretty exciting. So are you getting a company to truck your stuff over and taking the rail with your fish?

  4. Good luck packing the classroom. I suspect that it will take me quite awhile to even think of leaving my school 'cuz I don't want to pack up all of my work shite.

    Yay summer!

  5. Birthday drinkies and traveling goldfish. I love your weekends!! :)


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