This post is for my girl Christy...

I saw a tree.

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PS Excuse the silly post... I promised Miss Christy my first post from my new phone would be a shout out!
PPS We silly girls are having a tonne of fun. Expect pictures to follow of fun, frolics, Scottish weddings and fridges in speedboats...
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  1. thanks for the shout-out!!

    lol where's the tree?? i'm in the same room and i don't see it! i expect a bonafide tree post with an picture of the actual tree.

  2. Congrats on the iphone!! You sound like the best hostess ever!

  3. You are so funny! Hey, just an FYI, I have very high speed internet and it took awhile for your blog to load with the new design.

    Speaking of seeing trees, have you been to Cafe Eterno in Covent Garden? It's a sweet place!


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