What a weekend....

A wedding of a dear friend. A Join Meet. Lots of shopping. And fridges on a speedboat.

And fear not, gentle reader, I have photos of all of the above...

Joinverness was lovely, as ever. Simon described it as a "middle aged meet" due to the lack of partying, but a good time was certainly had by all. Just good chilled times. And Maria and Colin's wedding was such a nice occasion, full of love and happiness.

So it's all nice and busy here, and having Christy to stay is proving both lovely and comedy filled. We appear to be a mutual bad influence whenever we enter a mall though - I might have to hide from my credit card statement next month!

This week is similarly busy - as I survey our room right now (strewn with purses, books, clothes - travelling makes me live like a teenager again) I'm finding it hard to believe that this time tomorrow we'll be packing up Jessika to head south! Can't wait to visit with Team Loverpool and see Jamie and Amanda's new pad! And then I get to see my boy! :D

A couple of days of fun in the city after that....

....and then Edinburgh!

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  1. so looking forward to jessika's last roadtrip with you to London.

    and lazy nights and mornings rock!!

    as do fridges on speedboats.

    and comedy.

    and middle-aged join meets.

  2. as if i just posted as you on your own blog... it was bound to happen!!! LOL

    how remedial!

  3. Ahh weddings. Such a glorious time to gather with loved ones and drink yourself into bliss.

  4. I look forward to seeing the photos!

  5. I'm all for good chilled times. :)

  6. It's great that you two are having such a wonderful time!! Influence the hell out of each other at the mall!!!


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