Life lately... busy. From the moment the alarm goes (at 6ish..) till I fall into bed (at 11ish), my days are packed. Fun and busy and full. And as I settle into the new routines, I'm starting to get the balance right. So it's a bit work hard / play hard, but it's fun too. I quite enjoy looking at my diary and seeing meetings and dinners and plans and work things and holidays. I especially enjoy looking at the days when I know I can chill out in my jammies for a morning or an evening (roll on Saturday!). healthy. I am trying my best to healthkick (while starting a new job, haha!). So that's fewer snacks, less to drink, and exercise three times or more a week. Oh and lots of water and sleep. Hilariously the sleep is the part I'm struggling with! exciting. New school. Living, at last, with my lovely boy. Being down in London with lots of people I adore. And, as my mother texted to me just this morning....Christmas is getting closer!

So, busy, healthy, and exciting. How's your life lately, friends?

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  1. Glad things are going well! My life is...busy busy busy. I wish I had fewer appts. in my little book!

  2. Quite busy as well, seems like so much to do with so little time. I'm itching to visit England again though.....

  3. Great job with the health kick. I'm having problems getting to the gym with this whole working thing. Ugh. Bring back summer. ;)


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