Tuesday Top Tens. On a Wednesday.

(I stole this idea from the gorgeous Riot Kitty. Her blog always cracks me up, frequently makes me think, and sometimes changes my mind on things... I can't wait to meet her in person next month)

Some top tens for a rainy autumnal Wednesday.

Ten things I'm loving right now

* My current book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

* Long hot baths. Especially with Jo Malone oil.

* Candles - I love low lighting!

* America's Next Top Model. Oh so tacky and delicious!

* Lazy Saturday mornings in my PJs.

* Weddings - I am so excited for Jenna's (just over a fortnight to go!), and then there's Simon and Nicole's, Laura and Garry's, Naomi and Al's, all on the horizon! I'm sure a few others will crop up too!

* Hidden chocolate (my boyfriend is nothing if not a sweet and funny man!)

* My evil but AWESOME new aerobics instructor. 700 calories in an hour? Oh yes please...

* Baking and cooking

* Cooler days

Ten things that drive me oh-so-slightly round the bend

* People who smoke in the massive crowds in central London, and then glare at you if you so much as dare to be burned by their cigarette.

* Gum left on tube seats

* pre-6 am alarm clocks...they don't happen often but they are horrid!

* The article I read online, saying "all" private school teachers are bad at what they do. Sweeping generalisation, anyone? (and one that peeved me right off, I have to say!)

And that's about it. I did try, but rage isn't really me...

Ten things I would like for Christmas (thanks for the inspiration, wigsf!)

* Sleep

* Pyjamas. I freaking love pyjamas.

* The Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVDs. Oh how I want to do a season 1-7 marathon.

* Shiny things

* Cards, envelopes and writing things

* A nice pen

* A mug with my name on, to use at school

* A cosy blanket

* Cooking things - pans, books, trays, tupperware

* Good times with friends and family and my wonderful boy

Ten people I want to write a letter to, or make a phone call to...

* Shona. I want to gossip about upcoming Taylor Swift concert plans and hear all her news!

* Naomi. It's been too long since I chatted to my girl Wilson.

* Cat. I realised to my shame that I have little to no idea what's up with her at the mo...I want to catch up.

* Amber. Similar reasons to Cat.

* Cheryl.

* Henry.

* Sian.

* Jane. Again.

* Erin.

* Matthew.

So there we go. Three and a bit. What would make your top tens, lovelies?

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  1. Two birds, one stone...
    Shiny pajamas!

  2. I'm currently on season 3 of a slow Buffy marathon.

    The exciting thing is that when we get season 4 we get to start a simultaneous Angel marathon, and I've not seen all of them!

  3. Why not just take a bath with JO Malone..then go shopping for pj.s and you can buy stationary for friends to write too..he he.....i love a few things one of them is your blog and hate when others dont like your blog but i dont anyone that doesnt...zman sends

  4. Thanks Claire! I have done a few of these, mostly in a funny ranting sort of way.

  5. I need to add cooking utensils to my list as well.

  6. I love that book! Did you buy that with me? I can't remember... Regardless, it's great. Even my grumpy ol' dad liked it!

  7. "Hidden" chocolate...I LOVE the sound of that! :)

    I'll give you my top 10s next Tuesday! This a great post, my friend!

    PS - Have fun meeting Riot Kitty! She's a lot of fun online and I'm sure she'll be just as sweet and funny in person.


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