Fizz. Bang. Oooooooh. Shiny.

Fireworks night is one of my favourite parts of autumn.... Hallowe'en I quite like, but the thrills of fireworks night get me every time. Isn't it strange that something that commemorates something so horrid and scary and dark and political has turned into such a festive occasion. Poor Guido Fawkes and his attempt to blow up parliament...

I was lucky enough to go to two fireworks displays this year (which also equals double portions of chilli and mulled wine - yummers!). On Friday Matthew headed up to north west London to meet me and we headed off to the school display. It was really lovely! I really enjoyed seeing all the boys in their play clothes - they looked delightfully off-duty! Lots of giggling and running around and eating candyfloss. Oh, and the kids enjoyed it too!

Last night Matthew was away (ah, football - during the season I do share my beloved a little. With Newcastle and the Spartans!), so I headed solo down to South London for a gathering my friends Ben and Cheryl had put together. A couple of dozen folk gathered to watch the (awesome!) fireworks at Blackheath, and we then headed back to Ben and Cheryl's for chilli, mulled wine, nachos and chat. It was so great to catch up with people and the whole evening was positively laden with comedy! I wound up having a conversation about ducks, hearing about peoples jobs and new jobs, and also managed to fall over completely on the packed train home! Without injuring anyone!

So now it is more or less a clear run to Christmas (I will be teaching about Thanksgiving, but we don't mark it here, naturally). I have bought tonnes of gifts online and they are starting to arrive - I'd better get wrapping soon - the internationals need to be gone in a little while...

How has your weekend been?

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  1. We don't get fall fireworks where I live! Sounds like you live in an exciting, active spot, unlike my lovely, but sleepy, hollow.

  2. Fireworks, chilli, mulled wine and conversations about ducks...I'm jealous, Chica!

    Although I can't complain...I think I may have found a truck that will suit me and I've been spending quality time with the family...parks and restaurants and silly conversations. It's ALL good!!

    Have a BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL week!


  3. Sounds like good times. Wish we had fall fireworks here.


  4. I've always thought that holiday was a little odd, but hey, culturally, I'm not a native, am I?

    My weekend has been exhausting - did tons of chores and had friends over for dinner last night, made a homemade lasagna with two homemade sauces, and duly spent most of today asleep!


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