London-Houston-Dallas-London, Part 2

(time for some photos...more to follow once I've checked I can nick them from Jenna, Heidi, Emma et al.!)

All dressed up and ready to bridesmaid - so glad we were there in plenty of time!

Setting the stage, Chris and Peter await the rest of the party!

Walking down the aisle (I think I was mentally chanting "don't fall...don't fall....don't trip", lol)

Jenna, we're all ready for you!

The happy couple. :-)

This pic really sums up the wedding for me - sweet, funny, intimate - gorgeous.

Mr and Mrs! :D

Nathan and I, ready to hit the keg and the barbeque!

Am I the goofiest bridesmaid ever? Hee.

With the beautiful Jenna and the gorgeous Heidi (with the lovely Emma taking the picture!)

Jenna by the creek. In her gown!

Mmmmmmm, Shiner Bock!

My handsome boy, playing it cool. <3

The uber van! I swear, I felt like a member of the A-Team!

Matthew and I were amused to find a billboard for Newcastle Brown Ale in Dallas. Geordies for the win!

Reunion Tower, Dallas. Really high up, actually!

Mmmmmmmmm....festive holiday pancakes!

Hope you've enjoyed the visuals! Such a fun trip!

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  1. Those pancakes. I must have them.

  2. What a lovely wedding! And you're a beautiful bridesmaid. I love that the groom wore sneakers with his kilt. Obviously they didn't make the mistake of taking the day too seriously.

  3. All the pictures are great and you look amazing! Is that the same dress we saw at Monsoon, or different?

  4. you are the loveliest bridesmaid ever..goofy is good too :)

  5. Which member of the A-Team? No matter how hard I try, I can't see you with a mohawk and lotsa gold. But I can see you with a big stogey.

  6. Before I read any of the comments, I planned on writing, "I want those pancakes!!" You look great, btw!

  7. I think the goofy bridesmaid picture is awesome!! The smirk on your face is priceless and it sums up what you said the wedding was--fun!!

  8. Looks like a great time! Love your smile in all the pics...and those pancakes look DIVINO!! :)

  9. Love Shiner Bock great looked quite lovely...looked like a beautiful wedding......zman sends


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