Perks of the job...

I make no bones about the fact that I love, lurve, L.O.V.E. my job. Being a teacher fits me to a tee, and I am all too aware how blessed I am to work in a field I enjoy, with (to paraphrase the current teaching adverts) "the most interesting people on the planet." I have such fun each day with my boys, and teaching them is never anything less than a privelege.

It's also a job with many, many perks, so of which you may know about, some of which you may not. Some of which I'll share...

I get asked some really interesting questions each and every day, and I love the challenge of helping my boys make sense of the world. Already today I've had to answer questions on concentration camps, safety helmets, snow, cookies and badgers...and already on the slate for later are the English Civil War, triskaidekaphobia, and the Premier League.

Birthdays (and other festivals) are a big deal. Just today we had one boy doing the birthday dance as we sang to him, and we all had Krispy Kremes to celebrate!

I get to see directly the effects of my work. When someone "gets" how to do a calculation, or writes a story, or spells a word, or remembers an event, I get that wonderful glowy feeling because I helped. I love being able to see directly the effects of what I do. I may not make anything tangible, but I love that I can see differences and changes...

The holidays! One of my colleagues called teaching a Jekyll and Hyde profession last week, and she's entirely correct. During termtime I work hard - late nights, school events, often through weekends when reports are due or deadlines up. Bu then I do get 17 weeks of holiday (roughly half of which I do some work on, but's often work in pyjamas...).

I get to keep learning. Just today a package arrived full of senior maths books for me to work through (my subject knowledge is sound, but I want to *know* everything I knew at 16, solidly and confidently, every time). I make myself go to events and talks so I can go and pass things on to my gang - last night I attended a talk by Salman Rushdie (fascinating!) and now have stories to share with the gang.

And lastly and perhaps most importantly....we have fun. Lots of it! Because learning is fun. And eight-year-old to nine-year-old kids are fun. Whether we're doing algebra, or watching a snippet from the Muppets, or exploring the journeys of Captain James Cook, or discussing anger management, or planning a class party....we are pretty much always having a ball doing so!

Long may it continue, say I!

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  1. I nominate you for TEACHER OF THE love something that much is a gift...your blessed......zman sends

  2. It's wonderful that you're in exactly the right job for you. I used to be a camp counsellor, and I remember how rewarding it was to spend time with the kids. The five year old who proposed marriage to me in 1988 would be 26 today - I wonder if the offer still stands?

  3. Yah, teaching is a super awesome job. I envy how you get to really really know your students in elementary, since you have them all day. I have about 75 students each semester, so I don't get to celebrate things like their birthdays.

  4. I think that's fabulous. You will have such a positive impact on these kiddos!

  5. Sounds like you're doing exactly what you're meant to do (even though I know you could be a singer tomorrow if you wanted to be!).

    My boy's 8 and it's a fun age. He cracks me up daily!

  6. That talk by Rushdie would've been amazing. I'm jealous.

  7. So many go into teaching and never really love it. To read this warms my heart...first for you, because you have found something you love (not many people do), and secondly, for those little 8 and 9 year will be the teacher, when asked "do you have one teacher that changed your life?" that they will remember.

  8. It's wonderful that you've found a profession that fits you to a T!!

  9. Being a teacher is something that is really connected with people that care about others and giving back. That is clear from the things that you support on your blog.

    I connected through another blog.


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