Waffle Monday!

By this point in November, I don't know about you, but my hibernation instinct is kicking in *strong*. As excited as I always am to get to work and have a ball with the Thornleyites, actually getting out of bed becomes a bit of a struggle.

A shuffly, shifty, wiggly, feels-like-there-are-weights-in-my-PJs kind of struggle...

But I made it.


Part of the incentive today was the fact that Matthew and I have decided that today should be (*small drumroll please*) Waffle Monday! For no other reason than we really like waffles. So this morning for breakfast we had sweet waffles with fruit and cream (my mouth is watering just typing that...), and tonight Matthew is making us fish fingers, potato waffles, and beans (haha, that's such a kid's tea! Love it!). Little bits of silly like that make me smile.

My weekend, as well as fireworky, involved a lot of Christmas prep. 42 international cards are written and most of them are stamped, ready to go out late next week. A few others are ready to be slipped in with gifts. Some UK gifts are beuatifully wrapped and ribboned (well, fairly beautifully - I'm improving every year but am still far from Martha!). Many, many, many gifts have been ordered from Amazon - I'm down to the last couple of dozen now. I'm officially excited and enjoying my elf duties.

This week is busy and awesome, but I will be sure to keep you posted. What do you have planned?

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  2. Every Monday should be waffle monday.

  3. Oh definitely a struggle - into hibernation!

  4. What? You made waffles for breakfast (non-toaster waffles I assume) on a workday? Or is it a long weekend over there?

    Either, way kudos to you. Kudos even if they are toaster waffles. :)


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