Now we are 29...

This week has been busy as ever (one day I will shock everyone and start a post with "Oh, it's been so relaxed around here! Nothing doing, really." ;)), not least because on Thursday I celebrated my birthday! Yep, I am now the fabulous age of 29, which many of my co-workers assure me is a cracking age. Maybe I'll pause here for a few years, haha.

Last year's birthday, as I have mentioned before, was not terrifically good. A 14 hour work day and being hundreds of miles away from Matthew, my family, and most of my friends, really made for a day of the blues. This year was oh so very different!

On Wednesday Matthew and I went out for dinner (we did toy with the idea of somewhere classy, but ended up opting for Gourmet Burger Kitchen!), then came home to drink pink champagne! I was then allowed to open my gifts - as ever, I was spoiled rotten by my boy!

On Thursday I awoke to pain au chocolat and coffee (om nom nom), which I made before heading off to school. Where the festivities continued. Oh my boys were so sweet! They'd made me cards and gotten me gifts and were generally far too excited for my birthday. My form are such kind and caring boys! Sure, they are also clever and determined and talented, but I think it's the kind and caring I love the most! All day people were nice to me, and even my trickier English class sang me 'Happy Birthday' when I arrived. Such a fun and silly workday!

After school, a glass of wine with some colleagues, and then I headed into town to meet up with some Joinees for birthday drinks! Four of us (Kate, Cheryl and Anna, and me) all celebrate our birthdays around this time, so we decided to share and have a 124th birthday! An evening of wine and cards and gifts and silly...just the ideal celebration.

And now, I'm 29. And it's nearly Christmas. Exciting, huh?

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  1. 124 is good if there are five or six of you...a little different if there are only three in attendance...

    The 30s aren't bad...Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy! Love the Milne reference. I love those books.

  3. Happy get better with age both mind and spirit..hope your xmas is an enjoyable one..zman sends

  4. Glad that you had an excellent birthday. I agree - 29's a good age. I'm gonna enjoy my last 2 months of it.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to You!! I love how you all went out to celebrate your 124th birthdays together...and that everyone was so sweet to you all day long!!

    PS - My b-day's on the 16th!!! Can't wait! :D

  6. Sounds like a fabulous birthday. OMG I said fabulous....


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