Blue Monday

(no, not the song!)

It was one of those today. The sky was grey and damp. My mind was busy. The boys were fractious. The commute felt longer.

But now, it's half past ten. I've done almost three hours of marking, and finally feel up to date.

A glass of wine and a cosy bed are beckoning.

How was your Monday, friends?

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  1. My Monday was okay. The photocopiers were working so I could copy my exams (due today), so that was a miracle in itself.

    The nice thing about boys (and remember I teach 70% boys) is that they usually get over stuff by the next day. I predict they'll be good as gold tomorrow.

  2. my monday was hectic yet very productive and so far, nothing bad happened
    all in all, best monday in long time considering i had to work and all that stuff

  3. Actually my Monday was good - ML King day here in the states. It's the first job I've had where we close to honor the day. Mr. RK and I drove out to an elk preserve near the coast, where not even my cell phone had signal. Nice!

  4. It was cloudy here in Chicago, too, but I had a productive day at the office.

    My teacher husband had the day off for Martin Luther King's Birthday. Lucky duck!

  5. I hope the wine and snuggle in bed helped you to feel better!

    Monday was well Monday.....but Tuesday was MUCH better!

  6. I had Monday off, so I got some cleaning done and started on my new exercise work out.

  7. welll my monday kinda sucked, but with people like you who are so supportive it makes it better. THANK YOU!

  8. Got back from vacation and spent most of the days deleting work emails. Fun stuff let me tell you.


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