Sunday Morning Pancakes!

So, on my list, I said I would like to learn how to make pancakes...

My lovely friend Riot Kitty sent me her husband's recipe for pancakes (thanks, man! :-)).

And this morning...I made pancakes. And they were GOOD!

Pancakes bubbling up nicely on the stove.

Yummers! (Please excuse the state of my stove and countertop - can you tell it's kitchen cleaning day today?)

Matthew's pancakes - with lemon curd and vanilla ice cream

Mine, with cream cheese and cranberry jelly.

Here, we are having a relaxed weekend, and trying not to be too impeded by the snow. London is due for a big snow this afternoon, but nothing like what the rest of the country is dealing with! Up north where my parents live, they have up to 18 inches on the ground. Down south we are bundling up, thanking the Lord for blessings such as walking boots, and eating plenty (but not too much - it is resolution season!) of comfort food. Later today Tara's popping over for chili and jacket potatoes - one of my favourite cosy suppers!

Well, work and housework beckon - I hope this finds you all well. How has your weekend been?

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  1. Yum, those pancakes look good! Although, as a Cdn, I must ask, what's with all the fancy toppings? Maple syrup is the way to go! ;) Ha-ha.

    Hope you don't get buried under snow. We don't have very much here. You must have gotten ours. ;)

  2. Looks yummy! BTW, he's my husband - just so no one thinks I have something on the side ;)

  3. Chris and I were just talking about pancakes because I've decided that I want breakfast for dinner tonight for my birthday! Yum! What you really want is peanut butter and jelly (grape jelly preferably) pancakes though!

    Tonight we're going to make biscuits and gravy, pancakes, eggs...mmmmm!

    For now, it's porridge :)


  4. Christy, I couldn't find maple syrup anywhere! Alert the Government, please!

    RK, sorry! Bwahahaha, I totally knew that, but just had an attack of stupid brain - shall edit accordingly!

    Jenna, you need to send me your recipe for biscuits! And what sort of gravy - British or US style? :-)


  5. Pancakes are proof God exists.

  6. I want the recipe now. It looks brilliant.

    It sounds like a good day.

  7. Those pancakes (and the toppings!) look delicious!! I'll have to try mine with cream cheese and jelly next time.

    PS - Hope you had a relaxing weekend...and that you have a wonderful week ahead. Keep cozy!!

  8. The only pancakes in my house come out of a box from the freezer. They're not bad, but not half as good as yours look.

  9. That's OK, Mr. RK thought it was hilarious :)

    Hey, what is the link to you RaoK blog?


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