28 Days

No, not the comedy starring Sandra Bullock.

I've never seen that film actually, is it any good?

But rather, a wee project, a bit of a kick up the behind. A friend of mine tweeted about a guy called Scott who was doing a wee challenge of sorts to post every day in February. I figured I'd join in! I don't know if I'll have internet access on the two full days I'm away in Ireland, but gosh darn it, I figure 26/28 would still be good going.

I think it'll be good actually - I've got lots I want to write about but am just not making time (and not always having time)....this should do me good. Just yesterday I was teaching my Year 5s a class and telling them that to write well they "...should cultivate a habit of writing, an enjoyment of the process, a hunger for words..." As I packed up my planner I had a moment where I thought about it and realised I really needed to take my own advice.

So here's to cultivating a habit. See you tomorrow!

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  1. That's ambitious. I look forward to reading them!

  2. Ambitious! Do it!

    LOL The rest of us can challenge ourselves to comment on each of your posts, LOL.


Thank you for your comment - I do read them all but it may take me a little while (a couple of days) to respond during busy times. I love reading what you have to say!

Have a wonderful day!