Fingal Finger-Badger!

I really wanted to take a few pics of our trip to Dublin, but Matthew hates being in photos. And I'm not so big on being in every single one alone. So we took a friend with us. May I introduce to you....Master Fingal Finger-Badger! I wanted to get some snaps to share here, and also some for my class - and what better way than through the medium of a teeny tiny badger?

Fingal takes the tube. Leyton to Heathrow takes aaaagggggeeeees.

Once we are all checked in at Heathrow, Fingal relaxes with a cooling pint.

Aboard our flight, Fingal peruses the flight information. he is confused as how to do the brace position, however - he has a very long face!

After we checked in at our hotel (which was beautiful, by the way! A castle that had been refurbed and done up gorgeously. I want to go to there.) Fingal unwound in his new "crib".

Matthew and Fingal getting ready for dinner.

Fingal and me.

After dinner, Fingal insisted on hitting the champagne...

...then unwound with a restorative cup of tea.

On Sunday we three headed out of the hotel and took a walk into Dublin. Which wound up being almost 5km away, lol!

In Dublin we explored the city. Fingal especially enjoyed St Stephen's Green.

So did Matthew!

After all our trekking we headed back to the hotel for a snack.

And Sunday evening was chilled, watching tv....

...and having a couple of glasses of wine in the bar.

Then we had to plan our route for Monday!

We took a bus tour around Dublin. It was a really great way to see the city, but this is pretty much the only photo I've got of the journey. It was SO windy and rainy!

One place we did get lots of photos was the Guiness Storehouse. Here's Fingal and I near the start of the tour.

At the storehouse you could sign up to become an apprentice brewer and have your picture taken to be emailed to you. Guess who we signed up?

Examining the machinery.

Watching a film about Guinness.

Fingal really seemed to like the Guiness.

Quite a lot, actually.

(So did Matthew! :-))

Fingal enjoying his pint. The view behind him is of Dublin - we were up in the 'Gravity Bar' where you can see all over the city!

Oh dear, Fingal!

Matthew worries about our slightly sozzled companion.

Party animal!

On one of the suits of armour at the hotel.

With his friend, Leo.

So there you have it - a few snapshots of our trip. I hope you like them!

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  1. Love the pictures! Was Bobbity jealous that he didn't get to make the trip?

  2. Loved them, you are hilarious!

  3. Hilarious! Great pictures, looks like a great trip!

  4. It's sad when I am living vicariously through a finger badger.
    Looks like the three of you had a good time.

  5. Aw, Fingal is adorable! Next time maybe you shouldn't let him drink so much Guiness.

  6. Wow, I feel like I have had a vacation right here from my kitchen table in Texas!!! =)


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