I *heart* Thursdays

Another I *heart* Thursday. I love this weekly reminder to focus on the good things!

I *heart* having a shower and heating that work!

I *heart* my class. They never fail to crack me up, they are hardworking and kind and I've just been hugely blessed to receive a class like this. They are super!

I *heart* the meal I just concocted for lunch - fusilli, broccoli and sweetcorn, topped with cold salmon and a smidgen of cheddar. Nyom!

I *heart* my colleagues. I'm so lucky to work alongside such talented people.

I *heart* making my house look a little lovelier, one task at a time. (The road is long....)

I *heart* weekends. It's been a week and a half here, and tomorrow looks like being no different. I am looking forward to some good girly catch ups, some proper sleep, and some quality time with my badger.

I *heart* unexpected post and letters. Snail mail for the win!

I *heart* the fact that as I walked to get the tube to school this morning...the sky was light! Come on spring!

I *heart* my new £6 ballerina flats from Matalan. Soooo cheap and utterly comfy!

I *heart* the fact that my badger ornament (a gift from a parent) has now been joined by a hedgehog and a snail. Quite quirky and fabulous.

How about you, lovelies?

(Oh, and if there are any more questions for 'ask me anything' please add them to the post below! :-))

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  1. I love this! I just did my own I *heart* Thursday!!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Very cool how you are so positive! I heart that tomorrow is my last dental appointment for awhile!

  3. I <3 you and I <3 Rilo Kitty and I <3 the winter Olympics. And other things too, but right now I'm reading your blog with Rilo on my lap and the Olympics on TV.

  4. I'd like to know what makes you really angry...I don't mean racism or pollution or Ashley Cole, I'm talking about the day to day stuff. For example, yesterday a girl sat next to me on the bus and she was chewing gum in the loudest possible way, and it really wound me up. You seem like such a positive person, what ticks you off?

    Wow, this was long! Sorry about that.


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