Monday, Monday

What a start to the week!

In at eight, out at half past seven. And I'm definitely a glutton for punishment as I've accessed my school email since then too!

Ah well, it's nice to have a job I care about. Heavens, in today's market I know how blessed I am to have a job, full stop, let alone one that I enjoy!

This week is a busy one though (one day I'll amaze you all and type "Meh. Nothing much on this week..."!), as we tie up loose ends before the joy of half-term break. I'm super excited, Matthew and I are going away to Dublin for Valentines Day Saturday through Tuesday, and then we're heading up north for a few days. We've got some work to do (as ever!), but will also have lots of time for hanging out and napping.

And by the time I head back to school after that, it'll practically be March!

Bring on the spring, say I!

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  1. I'm envious of your upcoming break. Hopefully I make it 'til March. I'm sure I will.

  2. I'm so jealous! My family is partly of Irish heritage and I've always wanted to go to Ireland. Have a fabulous time!


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