Music meme (so, another semi-singalong-Sunday!)!

Well, I had written this whole other post...but then I deleted it, for reasons various. What I wrote was good for me to get out of my system, I guess, but just not that great to have out there. So instead, a musical meme, which is way more fun, don't you think?

So grab yourself a cup of tea / coffee / four-fifths hot water to one-fifth cold (my current fave), and let's play, shall we?


Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (or a few ;)) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Italicise the lyrics and post the details when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own


1. I just shook the handshake / I just sealed the deal

2. I see your face in my mind as I drive away / 'Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way

3. So far away and so alone / How could I ever take you home?

4. When I first held you I was cold / A melting snowman I was told
(guessed by the lovely Siobhán first! Flowers in the Window - Travis)

5. Let's go away for a while / You and I to a strange and distant land.
(Christy got it! Holiday by Weezer)

6. No walls / Can keep me protected /No sleep

7. Lay me down / Lay me down / Lay me down / Lay me down

8. Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
(Guessed by the lovely Stephanie - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz)

9. I keep looking for a place to fit in / Where I can speak my mind

10. Je suis enchanté / Ou est le bibliotheque?
(Foux De Fafa - Flight of the Conchords (also Stephanie))

11. Here we stand / Worlds apart / hearts broken in two (two) (two)

12. I will never bother you / I will never promise too / I will never follow you
(Sweet Annie got this one! You Know You're Right, by Nirvana)

13. Tell me now / If you came sneaking up behind / Would you know me

14. The grass is screaming long / midnight cars roll past / I've been chasing your room / while the summer lasts

15. I've been living to see you / Dying to see you / But it shouldn't be like this

16. I was never cool in school / I'm sure you don't remember me
(Christy got this one too...Underground by Ben Folds Five)

17. It isn't the way that you look / And it isn't the way that you talk / It isn't the things you say or do

18. We stay in / moving around / so low

19. I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London underground / When it struck me

20. There's a part of me you'll never know / the only thing I'll never show

21. Your butt is mine / Gonna take you right
(Matthew C got this one first. Bad, by Michael Jackson)

22. Those who are dead are not dead / They're just living in my head

23. I wanna be better than oxygen / So you can breathe when you're drowning and weak in the knees

24. I must go on standing / You can't break that which isn't yours

25. What, what would I do / If I can't have you / If I can't have you

26. Wake up, 7.32 am / Can't believe it's time to do it over again

27. I hitched a ride with my soul / By the side of the road
(Annie got this one too - Hey Now by Oasis)

28. Everywhere I go / Someone's trying to be my girlfriend's best friend
(Rawbean got the artist (Barenaked Ladies), but what's the song?)
(Stephanie got this one too - Get In Line was the song!)

29. The breath of the morning / I keep forgetting
(Matthew C also got this one - Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead - one of my favourite Radiohead songs!)

30. You're on the phone with your girlfriend / She's upset
(Stephanie's fourth correct guess. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift)

Have at it, my lovelies!

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  1. 4 = flowers in the window (aka the Claire song)

    I hear that song and think of you. I recognise others but that one is so strongly associated with you it needed posting!


  2. 28 Is Barenaked Ladies. But man I am terrible at this!

  3. Off the top of my head:
    4. Flowers in the Window by Travis
    21. Bad by Michael Jackson
    29. Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead

  4. Siobhán, what a lovely connection! I adore that song, always makes me smile. :-)

    Rawbean, half right! Well done.

    And Matthew, 3 down....27 to go ;).


  5. 8. I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
    10. Foux du Fafa- Flight of the Conchords
    28. Get in Line- BNL
    30. You belong with Me- Taylor Swift

  6. 5) Holiday - Weezer (? Not sure)

    16) Underground - Ben Folds Five

    Some of the others sound soooooooo familiar, but I'm not good at recognizing written lyrics. I'm better if you play me a clip of the song. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. :)

  7. 12. You Know Your Right- Nirvana?!


  8. Oooh and 27. Hey Now- Oasis.


  9. Obviously I have no brainpower because I didn't remember any of them - even though I'm a huge fan of Oasis! This sounds like fun though.

  10. The only one I recognized was "Your butt is mine". Now that's what I call a lyric!


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