Quick post.

Mainly because I'm blogging on an iPhone. On a train! As you do....

Matthew and I are whizzing back to London after a chilled few days up north. It's been lovely, but I'm ready to jump back in the deep end once more. It's been lovely to regroup and have some time together though - after the busy-ness of January and early February, it's been a delightful change of pace!

I had an additional treat today too! Due to a change in her flights, my good friend Jenna (who I bridesmaided for last year and who now lives in Texas) was in Edinburgh. And as all I had planned was shopping and a movie while Matthew caught the Newcastle match, I hopped on the train to see her!

Which sounds easier than it actually was!

You see today, there was a big anti-fascism rally in Edinburgh. Which, of course, loads of fascists felt the need to travel up to, in order to protest against it. Newcastle station was full of police and a gigantic mob (for want of a better phrase. Hey, if it fits!) of fascists, mainly from the 'English Defence League'. Because of their numbers, a train official asked me to cross over from platform 2 to platform 3, to catch a different service north.

Having already heard a few choice words, I was more than happy to do so! But then, the train at platform 2 whizzed off, with all the EDL aboard. Mine, however, had to wait so long it lost it's priority slots, turning our 90 minute journey in a 175 one! Irking, but I had fun waiting at the end!

Fun in the shape of a looong and lazy lunch with Jenna, and two other friends of ours, Rich and Burton. Just a lively, banterific wee afternoon. Ace. :-)

And now, the journey home. Then pizza. Then bed!

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  1. Yikes! Glad you survived delays from fascists...hey, that sounds like some kind of mystery series. Thanks again for the walk contribution!!

  2. It would be kind of interesting to ride with them, even though they're a bunch of wankers. I find dumb people fascinating, although annoying.

  3. The trips sounds less than lovely, but that is SO cool you got to see your friend!!!


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