Ah, things to do...

Don't you just love 'to do' lists?

I think I love them almost as much as timetables.

And coming from a teacher, that's praise indeed!

I remember when I was younger I was kind of disorganised.

OK, I was a lot disorganised.

At boarding school I got so many demerits for being scruffy, slapdash or scatterbrained that I spent about three solid years in detention. I was forever sans a sock or had misplaced my music, or totally forgot *something* and wound up getting told off.

And then in sixth form I continued the trend, especially struggling to make it to the bus on time for school each morning. It used to pass by our house, turn at a roundabout (where the bus stop was), then pass by once more. Many was the time that I went zooming out of the door as it passed by the first time, toast in hand and hair all over the place, all ready for a flag down after the loop. Heh.

I got more organised though, and it's a skill I'm pretty proud of. I think at work I'm organised enough to keep us in line (the work and social schedules of 18 boys at a prep school can be pretty full on!), and I dearly like knowing what's what as I go about my day. I'm getting ever more organised at home too, and love nothing more than time to declutter and nest a little bit (hello, Easter holiday!).

How organised are you?

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  1. I'm so organised I scare myself.

  2. I am improving with age in the organization department.

  3. Organizing is not my strongest suit. Actually it's probably my weakest, but I survive.

  4. I'm organized in my mind, but not so much when it comes to the desks and such. Oh, but my students *think* I'm organized, so that's what counts.

  5. I am messy, perhaps i will self improve over time

  6. I didn't realize how organized I was until I got into the workforce. My dad says it's part of being partly Swiss; I think it's being a Virgo; my husband thinks it's OCD! ;)

  7. I bought a book about getting organized, but I lost it.


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