Full pelt

So full pelt, in fact, that the first time I typed that title I wrote felt pelt!

Spring is on its way (c'mon London, get warmer. I dare you!), and with it everything seems to be moving up a gear. Work is as busy as ever (and with Easter break still three weeks away, the tiredness occasionally seeps in). I'm trying to keep up with friends and family as best I can. And spending time with Matthew and trying to look after him (big exams on the horizon). I'm doing my Lent thing and writing letters and starting Couch-to-5-K training and studying and doing my raoks and blogging often (forgive me the little gap over the weekend, it was much needed!) and trying to catch up on my Bible reading. There's a lot on my plate, but that's usually the way I'd choose it. Makes me appreciate the downtime even more when it arrives!

Anyways, enough about me....

....how are you?

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  1. Hope Spring arrives and soon as possible and things are calm with that great new fragrance that a fresh spring always brings....zman sends

  2. Judging from that daily blog and the activities you listed on this entry, being a little tired is fully expected.

  3. You are indeed keeping busy.

    I am three sleeps away from March Break and off to France to visit Becca T. Can you believe it?

  4. What is full pelt? American lost in translation...

  5. Wow, I'm not near as busy as you, but I am looking forward to Spring as well! We haven't had a cold or snow-filled Winter, but Spring is always an exciting time of year. I'm just hoping Winter doesn't decide to come once Spring officially starts :P

  6. You sound busy-- try to squeeze in a nap now and then. I am odin great thank you.


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