I *heart* Thursdays

I *heart* pain au chocolat in the staffroom on Thursdays.

I *heart* when I see people being kind to one another on the tube.

I *heart* taking my first babysteps as a Flybaby....I'm loving how much tidier my house is starting to look and how much happier I'm feeling about it.

I *heart* the sunshine we're seeing this week. All we need now is a little more warmth and it will feel like spring.

I *heart* good news for friends - in the last three days alone there's been a pregnancy announced, a new baby arrived (welcome, Macy!) and a very clever friend has passed her GP exams!

I *heart* having a busy classroom.

I *heart* wandering around John Lewis, daydreaming about the home we're making.

I *heart* my graze boxes which arrive at school, loaded with goodies to snack on healthily.

I *heart* that this month is sure to whip by and land us beautifully in the Easter holidays.

I *heart* my lovely friends and catching up with them all. Hooray for busy diaries.

I *heart* new challenges.

I *heart* the giant cakes at the bakery near school (a little too much, perhaps....)

I *heart* good books!

I *heart* my sturdy comfy grey trousers, perfect for leaping around doing drama with Year 5.

I *heart* when Matthew and I are both home from work and I can give him a big old cuddle!

Just lovely! I hope your day is festooned with things that make your heart sing!

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  1. This is a lovely post. I *heart* spending time with you - thanks for a chilled and peaceful and fun evening last night :)

  2. I *heart* when I gulp down a pint and shake my hips to the beat of a funky tune.


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