I *heart* Thursdays

I am participating in this weeks I "heart"... at You and Me Plus Three. Go there now to add yours and read others!!

I *heart* daydreaming.

I *heart* that the Easter holidays are so close that you can touch them.

I *heart* John Lewis, and am so excited to go shopping there tomorrow with Matthew. What a poppet, he's taking me there and then for dinner. :)

I *heart* snuggles with my sweetie.

I *heart* big fat spring rain.

I *heart* singing and my new choir.

I *heart* getting lost in a good book (I'm reading 'The Wednesday Sisters' just now and it's brilliant!).

I *heart* my blog friends. So so much.

I *heart* my job, but I'm looking forward to working maybe twenty hours a week for the three weeks of break, rather than the sixty hours plus of termtime!

I*heart* seeing my students do well - my Year 5s did a show yesterday and I was oh so very proud of them.

I *heart* working out and feeling a bit fitter. I'm excited to get my healthy on over the break.

I *heart* cooking, and baking, and entertaining.

I *heart* the library. I've just joined one here and I'm so excited to be checking books once more.

I *heart* big long sleeps.

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  1. Trade you weather - we have plenty of spring rain here ;)

  2. I bought that book (Wednesday Sisters) for my husbands Grandma for Christmas but wanted to read it too! (Not saying you're old!) I wonder if she's done so I can borrow it!?!?

  3. I also *heart* the library. It's so amazing that you can read an infinite number of books for free- if you have time.

  4. I *heart* a lot of these things too! I will give props to blog friends and long sleeps!


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