Fingal Finger-Badger makes some friends...

You may remember Fingal, our finger-badger friend who joined us in Dublin. Well he also came with us to Nottingham last weekend and before my camera gave up (I charged the batteries overnight and they lasted an hour tops. Fail!) I got some cute shots of him hanging out with some of our friends at the pub. Take it away, little guy!

With Chris and Laura.

Drawing with some help from Phil.

Having a giggle with Party Jamie (TM).

With the lovely Hebba.

With Joinee legend, Mum White. :-)

Enjoying a pint with the lovely Miss Anna (this girl is a wicked talented knitter. Do check out her blog to see her mad skills!).

Meeting Kieran...

...they became fast friends!

Steeeeve was a little perturbed by Mr Fingal!

With iPhone McShovelhands himself!


With pretty Siobhán!

And with Siobhán's boyfriend, Matthew.

A lovely meet with some lovely friends. And a finger-badger. :)

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  1. Fun pics! It's great to see familiar joinee !faces from the summer!

  2. awhh this post is soooo cute! I can't take it!

  3. He's one well traveled little Badger!


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