I "heart" Thursdays

Woo! Hurrah for Thursdays, right? And a Thursday in the middle of a break from school is even better. Worry not, I'll be far less chipper next week when I'm up to my ears in paperwork. ;)

Once again I'm joining in with Crystal's lovely carnival and am looking at the things I love...

I *heart* Join Meets. I had the best time at GGF last week. It was great to catch up with so many lovely people.

I *heart* Skype. I'm loving catching up with people. Christy, I'm so calling again soon! Jenna too!

I *heart* mango. It's so delicious! I could eat a tonne of that fruit. Actually, I'm pretty dippy over all fruits and veggies right now.

I *heart* being in a show choir. Like Glee, for grown ups!

I *heart* my lovely, silly friends.

I *heart* my lovely, silly boyfriend. :)

I *heart* 'Cougar Town'. Just makes me laugh.

I *heart* mail. Yesterday I got three pieces of mail and was a very happy Claire indeed! (Thank you, Shona, Laura, and Nell).

I *heart* my comfy, faithful dark jeans.

I *heart* reading. Just wonderful.

I *heart* feeling well rested.

I *heart* you guys!

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  1. Good list, I heart Mangoes and Cougar Town too! So yummy and so funny!

  2. We heart you, too! I'm a fruit and veg fiend at the moment. Mangoes would be delightful!

  3. I loved our phonecall too! I also enjoy fail-phonecalls with ppl from Unicef who sound like you!

    Great list!


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