Running is hard!

So, my 5K walk / run / hobble is now less than two months away. So this morning for the first time I ran outside. I've been running on the treadmill for a few weeks now (in bursts, a la C25K), but the more I thought about it the more I realised that while that's good (all exercise is good :)), it doesn't necessarily mesh with what I'll be doing in June.

So starting today I am getting up early and running just a little bit and building up gradually. This morning I did a quick warm up walk and then I ran 600 metres (woo! Over 10% of 5K! - I'm going to take every little victory, believe me :)), and I'm hoping to add 50 to 100 metres on each time I run. Hopefully this, added to gymming and swimming two to four times a week, eating healthy, drinking water, sleeping right, done girl dancing etc. should add up to increased health and pounds down.

Running in the morning is a good thing for me for many reasons - it's quieter out there (I really don't feel I need an audience for this right now!). It's cooler. It's a heck of a wake up call. I really hope I can sustain this. I was pleasantly surprised at how little running on the pavement hurt my knees...but was a little worried that I was wheezing a little. Cool air was a trigger to my asthma years back and now I'm not medicating for asthma I'd hate to knock myself back on that. Hence the very 'tortoise' approach to proceedings.

I have said before I don't mind if I run or walk the 5K, and that remains true. I'd just hate to think I hadn't tried, you know?

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  1. Morning exercise is also mooted as a good boost to the metabolism. My morning walk wakes me up (but makes me need a mid morning banana more than ever before).

    I'm so impressed you are doing this when running does not come naturally (at all!) to you.

    Also, I know you will, but do keep an eye on your breathing if it is getting hard, don't want this to hurt you. xx

  2. No better way to start a day then a morning run.

  3. Hang in there Claire! I love how running clears my head, but the weather is so miserable here, it's hard to do most of the year.

  4. You have just inspired me to consider morning exercise. I always said "it's not possible, I have to be at work too early" but now that it's nice out, I should take advantage... Hmmmm.... HMMMM.

    Good luck with the running. You can do it!

  5. As always Claire, your posts highlight both a dedicated yet common sense approach that I definitely lack.

    Considering I've also tried running in the morning - and theoretically try every morning, until the snooze button on the alarm clock wins - I'm interested to see how it works out for you.

  6. You go gurl! I have been telling myself I need to start running. I have heard it one of the best ways to shed pounds, which I need to do! I am having a hard time getting motivated to start. It overwhelms me. I am SO not a runner! Hang in there! I think the baby steps are key!


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