Well, that was a bit of a break, wasn't it?

Turns out the start of term was especially busy, and I didn't get much time online..a quick check of facebook or twitter on my phone was often all I could muster.

The summer term has started well, and the boys all seem to be settling back into the routines quite happily. I do like this term, but it's a wee bit manic. The social life has been fun too...which has meant the gym life has suffered somwehat. Oh dear.

As the 5K approaches, I am having to accept that I'll probably walk all or most of it. I was up to running a kilometre or so, but my knees and right foot (the one I fractured in four places when I was twelve - it's been a little off ever since) have been rebelling. I'm hitting the gym once more on Tuesday after a week without running after a very ouchey knee, but at the current time it looks like walking is the thing.

I did take plenty of pics for the 'Week In A Life' post...I shall pop up the best of those soon. How are you guys? Happy May!

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  1. Nice to see you back in the blogosphere!

    No matter how much of the 5K you run or walk, I think it's great that you are doing it!

    Looking fwd to your next post!

  2. Great to see you back! I'm amazed at how busy teachers really are.

    I also have ouchey knees, tried to take up running and that didn't go over so well. Hope they get better and nothing wrong with walking the 5K!

  3. Wow! You have been busy! Good luck with your 5K!! I could never do something like that! :)

  4. There's nothing wrong with walking it - and if you have a joint injury, you don't want to risk inflaming it.(I have an old ankle injury and used to run every day and speak from the stubbornness of experience!)

  5. Hey you're doing the 5k. You can crawl across the finish and still call it an amazing accomplishment.

  6. Happy May to you, too! Good luck with the 5K--you'll do great!

  7. What 5k are you doing? I'm doing the Battersea Race For Life. Walking, because all of my friends are. And realistically I'm not a runner. My joints can't take it.

  8. One day last week I did about 9.7 kilometers on a whim with no preparation. My left foots hurt a wee bit still. Only took me 1 hour 45 minutes though. I think that's pretty good. Half of the walk was on streets with no sidewalks so I was in dirt shoulders and ditches for much it.

  9. Happy your back.....good luck on the race/run 5k..hope you do well.....zman sends

  10. you are so sweet for fitting me into your visit schedule claire :) i will have to see this A Week In A Life post. it sounds intriguing ...let me go and see if i can find reference to it in one of your earlier posts.



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