Show Us Your Life...Things That You Love / Things That Make You Smile

Hahaha, guess who got the weeks mixed up yesterday!

So, Kelly's actual blog carnival for this week is things that you love, the things that make you smile (RAoKs are *next* week. Oh well, at least I'm all set!). So without further ado, here are my top ten favourite, most smile provoking things:

1. Matthew. Just the sight of him makes me feel all smiley and happy. I came home tonight and he was here (he's been away all week) and I swear, it made me feel good right down to my toes to see my honey.

2. My friends. Supportive, hilarious, loving, kind, wise, inspiring, clever...I run out of adjectives to describe the guys and gals I can call my friends. And when they randomly text me about Sir Mix-A-Lot, they make me smile even more (Mlle Wilson!!).

3. My family...they are quirky as. But they sure make me smile.

4. Kittehs! I never fail to break out a smile when I see a cat or a kitten. Too cute for words.

5. Babies and kids! I'm such a teacher...nothing makes me grin quite like having some wee folk to hang out with :-).

6. Early morning cups of coffee when I've nowhere to rush off to. The stillness of the start of day.

7. Half-term holidays (mine started 3 hours ago...). Time to unwind and recharge ahead of the next wave.

8. Letters waiting, freshly arrived (oh, how I adore mail). I also love writing letters and choosing stationery. Oh man, stationery could be a whole other post!

9. The smell after it rains. Clear night skies. Fluffy marshmallow clouds. Full bright moons.

10. A good book, anytime.

How about you?

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PS There are so many other things that make me happy, of course - teaching, singing, a good cry, time spent in prayer and reflection, dancing, RAoKing, good coffee, crispy duck, hugs, baking bread, dancing, when something wonderful happens for my friends, walking out on a sunny day, going to the park, trips to the movies with sweeties and fizz, my blue silk skirt, catnaps, pink champagne, the beach, pub quizzes, silly conversations that go on and on, long showers or deep baths (not to often, though - it's all about the environment!), entertaining, helping a child understand something, swimming, traveling, visiting, writing...I often count my blessings, because to me my life is like a chain of little happinesses, one after another. I am a blessed young lady!

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  1. I definitely love lazy weekend mornings where I can just sit drinking a cup of coffee and do nothing too!

  2. I love coffee too!
    What a terrific list. You and your family have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

  3. My niece always puts a huge smile on my face!!!

  4. You have an amazing blog, it is really very awesome, if you’re interested here is the link to my blog of poetry, it would be awesome if you could check it out and follow if you like.

    Or my facebook page

    Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

  5. Now that it is summer, I am once more rotating blogging regularly into my schedule.

    I love your posts! Your optimism is contagious and reminds me to pause and take notice. I always am left a bit lighter in spirit upon reading your entries.

    You have such an amazing perspective, my friend.

  6. What a great list...I love a good book, too! One of my favorite things. How cool that you like to write letters and enjoy stationary...that is such a lost art nowadays! Great list.
    Blessings to you...

  7. :) Love your list! Funny about getting the weeks mixed up! :) That stuff happens to me all the time! :)

  8. HEY there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours. Sounds like you are working a lot? Do you enjoy your job?


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