Well that sucks....

Yesterday....was brilliant. Catching up with good friends, brunch, wine, shopping, relaxing...just ace.

This morning, we awoke to our housemate telling us we had been robbed.


All that's gone is our TV and X-box, and thankfully everyone's okay (they didn't go into any of the bedrooms), but it's still upsetting and I'm a little shaken to think that some stranger was in my house while I was sleeping.

Timing sucks (not that there's ever a good time to be burgled, but, you know...) - the big England v. Germany match is on today and we were prepped to have a gang of people over for a BBQ. Instead, we're waiting for forensics, will be catching the match online / on the radio, and have more barbie food than we'll ever know what to do with...

A frustrating start to a Sunday, that's for sure! Again, I'm so glad we're all okay, and it's not the end of the world but still...it's not good either. Here's hoping the day improves!

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  1. Oh no that's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that.

    Are you in a house? I live in a high rise in Clapham Junction. Really ugly from the outside but what I do find has (so far) kept me safe is that I have only 4 neighbors on my floor and we hear everything in the doorways.

    Is a pub a good alternative for the 3 pm game?

    Did you have insurance?

  2. Hoping it gets better for you. Sad we won't be seeing you and sad they got into your house. It's always upsetting but at least you were okay and they don't seem to have got anything personal.


  3. I am sorry for what happened. I can imagine that you feel shaken up. Just the idea that someone entered your home while you are asleep. I wish you all the best!

  4. I can understand how being robbed would feel so horrible. You must feel violated that someone was in your home like that.

    On the bright side, no one was hurt, and according to F-book, you have a little TV to watch the game on! I hope that England wins!

  5. Wow, I knew something big was up when I saw the word "sucks" in your headline. I am really sorry, but so glad everyone is OK.

  6. That does suck, but at least it was only that. Creepy as hell though.

  7. Oh my goodness that is terrifying! and creepy that someone was in your home as you slept. I hope they find out who it was. How did they get in???

  8. Sorry to read about the robbery. Than again, given the results of England's second goal, the whole nation got robbed.

  9. Hi Claire,

    Victims assistance (I think thats what its called) is a good listener. The police should be able to give you the hotline number.

    Again, sorry about the creepy break-in. If it makes you feel any better, petty crime is common in London. It feels invasive, I know.

    When my flat in Vancouver was burglarised I put up a screaming alarm on the door. It was set to go off only if someone came in while I was inside the flat. I didn't much care if anyone came in when I was gone.

    Homebase might have one of those if it will make you feel more secure.



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