Welcome to the Badger Sett (Part 1 - the kitchen/dining room)

So, at long last I have actually unpacked, tidied up, and have some pictures to show you all of our lovely little place! We are oh-so-happy with it (a few minor niggles aside - for example the internet keeps on dipping out, so apologies if this doesn't get published on time!) and have already had a fair few visitors, with more on the way (Yay!). I've just gone round and taken some pictures of my favourite parts of each room - I hope you enjoy the tour!

Room 1: The kitchen / dining room

These two rooms are seperated by a big open hatchway, which is great. It means when I'm cooking or fixing drinks I can still chat to Matthew, or guests.

This is the view into the kitchen. It's the perfect sized kitchen for me - enough space for chopping / baking / sorting, and loads of storage space. It's also quite Hobbity, with all the shelves and cupboards at a suitable level for a Claire. This is amazing, mainly as at the last place everything was built for a tall person! There's only so many times a girl can say, "Matthew, could you get the pasta / cereal / baking tray down for me, please?" without feeling like a royal pain!
In MTV 'Cribs' fashion, I had to do a refrigerator shot! Pretty standard, if a little busy because we are picnicking tomorrow!

My beautiful dining table, with our new crockery, cutlery and napkins. I've been daydreaming about a proper dinner service and saving up for it for ages - it's a delight to be able to entertain properly. We *love* having a table to sit down at - even if it's just soup and bread, we're usually here (albeit without the napkins and all the silverware!).
The view from our kitchen window. Washing the dishes is way more fun when you have lovely green trees to look at (a glass of wine often helps, too!).

The left hand side of the kitchen is lots of little shelves and drawers and cupboards. having everything out makes it quite cheerful and homey!
We have at least one badger in every room (as well as various ducks and penguins). It may be quirky, but it always makes me smile.

A full view of our dining table. Makes me feel strangely grown up. And also want to cook up a storm!

Which is why it's lucky I have these books to get started on!
I love this surface protector - makes morning toast even more enjoyable!

So that's the kitchen/dining room. Sitting room, bathroom, master bedroom and Claire lair to follow....

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  1. Such a patriotic surface cover.

  2. Patriotic and containing elements of quilting. Double win. :)


  3. Your table looks like something out of a home design mag - nicely done!

  4. I love you table top setting :) Thanks for the prayers - I get cast off Monday, but then go into a splint !!!

  5. I LOVE ALL THESE PICTURES!!! And yes, I have to yell it!

    Okay, your table setting is so grown-up. I really think I have to stop using the cast-off dishes that a friend gave me, and get myself a proper set. You have inspired me.

    Your cupboards are very neat.

    I can't wait to see the other rooms!

  6. Thanks, RK - I love our table :).

    Still praying, Amelia. Hope it all goes well!

    Yay for new place settings, Christy. I am such a crockery addict.

    wigsf, you betcha! In our flat the kitchen is a pretty 'Claire' space - I love to cook and bake, so I spend a lot of time in there. Fear not, however, there's enough gadgetry to ensure Matthew is represented also - I'm sure if he blogged he'd be taking photos of the gadgets and gizmos, lol!



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