Hello, Scotland!

Bring on the mountains! The bagpipes! The banter! The Irn Bru! The redonkulously good (and lethal) fried foods! The whiskey! The pubs! The fresh air! The Proclaimers!

Bring it all on (both the stereotypes and the realities, lol)....I'm scheduling this ahead of time (indeed, at the hour it posts Matthew and I will hopefully be tucked up safe and cosy in our hotel room ahead of a fairly early flight up) and I am just so ready for a jaunt to the far north.

I wonder if the weather will co-operate? I swear, I've seen every weather type bar actual snow during a Moray August, so it'll be fun reacting to the weather. While packing I made sure I had a sweatshirt, sturdy boots, an umbrella, sunglasses and sunscreen. Growing up in Scotland makes 'Be Prepared' even more of a life motto!

Have a great week, lovelies - pictures and chat from Scotland and then from Northumberland as we wend our way down!

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  1. I'm jealous! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Ahh Scotish whiskey. Have fun!

  3. Hope that you have a fun time! I love your hometown!

  4. Scotland, the only place a man can wear a plaid skirt and yell obscenities at every person walking down the street and still be considered normal.


    Hey, you said bring on the stereotypes.

  5. Have a fabulous time! Whenever I hear the Proclaimers I think of that song "i'm on my way, from misery to happiness today, ugh huh, ugh huh" :)

  6. Spent my honeymoon their. My wife and I are Scottish and thought the place was paradise.


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