Lazy Sunday

Today is the first day all week where Matthew and I have not been fleeing around like nobody's business and as a result we are both quite sleepy and wiped out! As I type I'm updating here and Matthew is curled up on his parents' sofa, watching the last of the football (yes, football season has begun again - cue one very happy Matthew!).

The trip up to Scotland was lovely (photos in my next post), full of good times with friends and family, glasses of wine and yummy dinners (will need to hit the gym HARD when we return to London) and just a really awesome catch up. Then on Friday we headed down south to Northumberland, where we are catching up with Matthew's family. Yesterday Matthew went to the football and I headed up to Edinburgh (which was mobbed as the Fringe is on!) to catch up with the fabulous Henry after far too long.

Now, however, we are enjoying a chilled few days with Matthew's parents - it's always strange reverting to kid status a little. Meals magically appear and hoovering isn't your job, there's food in the cupboard and lifts to places should you need them...I am making the most of it before we head back to grown-up-ville in a couple of days!

Some things don't change, however - time for me to sign off and go help Matthew with the dishes! I hope you have all had as lovely and relaxing a weekend as us.

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  1. Lazy days are great, and glad to hear that both of your homecomings have been really fun!

  2. Whenever we go stay with my parents I don't have to do a thing! My dad will even clear my spot at the table. It's really sweet :o) We always try to help out, but usually they won't let us! Glad you guys are getting a bit spoiled.


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