Pictures from our whirlwind tour (2)

And there's more...

Peter and friends in front of the Cairngorms.

Matthew admiring the view. It is *beautiful* (a bit like him :-)).

Sian about to take my picture!

Some more of that view. Just stunning. At the Highland Wildlife park you climb this teeny little hill and then you are afforded this gorgeous sight! It rained for most of our visit north, but we had beautiful sunshine for four whole hours on this day!

That'll be the rain heading in, then!

Fingal attempts to break into the Irn Bru - Scotland's other national drink!

Peter - looking cool, bro!

This picture is for Jenna (who is currently sweltering in Texas, poor lovely!). Check out that very Scotland in August temperature, missy!

The 'kids', all safe in the back of the car!

We also caught up with lots of friends in Forres - pub quiz with Ross, Ewen, Sean and co; lunch with Erin and her brood and Sam and Paul (the handsome couple above); and a first meeting with my friend Maria's little girl Sophia. Just great fun!

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  1. That looks like a beautiful place. I want to visit!

  2. Is that Maria from last summer's wedding who had a baby? Wow!

    I love all of the pictures that you took!

    Also the picture of Irn Bru reminds me of this year when a kid actually brought that stuff into class and I freaked on him (not for having pop) but because I wondered where he got it... and how he could drink it!

  3. What a beautiful country! I'm always so jealous when I see the English/Scottish countrysides on television, I would love to be there one day (I dream of living there.)

  4. Good times! I love those pics with the clouds in the background. I almost expected Julie Andrews to pop out w/ the sound of music, chica!! ;)

  5. We were there earlier in the year. A really wonderous part of the world! Thanks for the memories! Good to meet you!

  6. 13 degress in August. So jealous. It's been 31 every day here. I'm melting.


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