School supplies

Oh, how I love stationery!

One of the bonuses of my job is the sheer amount of stationery you need to have.

Pens for marking....

Folders for filing....

Stickers to reward good work.

I'm more or less set, having ordered most of my stationery for class at the end of last term, but I know I will still pick up a few things over the next couple of weeks! As much as I try to resist I just can't ignore a good "back to school" display. The clothes and shoes I get because they are necessary (got to look at least slightly put together for the start of term), but the buying of stationery is a true pleasure. While we were up north I bought some bits and bobs for my home office (or the 'Claire lair', to use it's official name) - planning and paperwork are much more fun with sparkly pencils, multi-coloured gels pens and heart shaped post-its!

I'll no doubt be back soon to post all about the treasures I've do you feel about stationery? Any tips?

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  1. I always liked school clothes shopping and loved buying the books and such...hated school though..hmmmmm hope your studies are going well...missed reading but i am back...cheers...zman sends

  2. I really really miss having an excuse to buy stationary. I am overly jealous. Hope your new term starts without a hitch!

  3. I'm never moved much by stationery.
    Glad you're almost set.

    All the best, Boonie

  4. Stationery? As much as possible I should think ;)

  5. Oh dear Claire, if only there wasn't an ocean between us, we could have some good fun shopping!

    I love back to school shopping, for clothes and supplies, especially supplies (I still do a big fall clothes shop each year.) I keep thinking "it's too bad they don't need school supplies for Kindergarten!" otherwise I'd have bought a ton of stuff for Akeelah already. Thankfully I have a teacher husband who hates to shop so I get to do it all for him!


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