(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oh yeah.

It's back to school time.

I've printed my name badges - complete with the essential :) face! This serves two purposes - a. it's friendly; b. it means I can easily glance and recall which boys are mine out in the yard. I'll generally have all or most of their names by close of play tomorrow, but the first few hours are definitely "getting to know you" time!

Badger corner has begun...

I love this quote - inspires me to be holistic and make school a real experience for my gang!

Pencil pots are fully charged.
Books are labelled lovingly.
We're ready to go!

So excited to meet my new form (nervous as all get-out too!). More on this soon!

Hope your week is going well, lovelies!

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  1. Looks like everythings ready for back to school, I hope things go well :)

  2. Good luck! Looks like you are very organized.

  3. Hope your first day goes/went well. I love this time of year. My grade 9s have yet to make a sound!

    Oh, and with Skype, I need to get the hardware (ie mic) for it, but I'm going to get on that soon! We need to catch up on the gossip!

  4. Good luck! Your roOm looks fabulous!

  5. I first read Charolette Mason as Charles Manson.

  6. How very neat and tidy, everthing in it's place! Enjoy the beginning of the school year!


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