September Rush

Just a quick post to assure you all that I have not fallen prey to any avalanches of boxes, books, or stationery, but rather am keeping busy as a very busy bee getting my classroom ready for classes to start next week! More chat to come at the weekend, but I just wanted to check in.

And now it's September - always a busy month for me, and one of my favourites to boot (shoot, this and the next three are four of my top 5!) - can you believe it?

I hope your months have all started well and look forward to catching up with you at the weekend.


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  1. You just gave me a very funny image of being buried in stationary!

  2. Preach sister about the busyness.

    We have a long weekend here before classes officially start on Tuesday and I'm ready enough to do nothing school-related this weekend. Okay, maybe just a little bit... but essentially nothing!

  3. Sept is great if you live in a noisy neighborhood with lots of children...bad if you are one of them children....hope your studies are going well..and school is what you thought it was ...looking fwd to the stories of another school yr..zman sends

  4. Yes now is a busy time for us all!


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