Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....

Ah, autumn.

The last of summer has definitely left us here, and we are wholly, emphatically, awesomely deep into autumn. The air is chill, the trees are bare (or getting there), and the nights are drawing in. I love this season! The only bad thing is probably the fact that it makes me want to hibernate a little, and for the next few weeks that's just not an option. You see, there are three 'crunch' times for a teacher (well, four, including exams - but mercifully they are not on the immediate horizon). The three would be parents' meetings (and the preparations for them / reactions to them), reports (and the preparations for them / reactions to them), and inspections (and the preparations for them / reactions to them). I'm currently deep in all three. It's crazy busy here - I have a thirty point to-do list today (seven down, so I'm shooting this off while I eat my breakfast, before hitting the next bunch of prep/work/chores). Manic would generally be the word.

But I am still grateful it's autumn. I'm grateful for a lovely boy who gives me cuddles when it's all a bit much. I'm grateful it's half-term break in a week, so I might actually get some decent sleep under my belt.

And I'm *so* excited for Naomi and Al's wedding next weekend! You GO girl!

Life is good. If slightly crazy in pace just now.

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  1. Wow, you are so busy as usual! Hope everything goes well, especially the wedding!

  2. Glad it's good, if busy. Busy is good as long as you love what you are doing.

  3. Hope you manage the week and have a fabulous time at the wedding. xx

  4. Have fun at the wedding. Catch those flowers!

  5. I love Fall. It takes a while to the fact that it gets dark so early, but that just makes it even better for movie nights! I really wish we had a fireplace. It would be so cozy!


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