That sound, friends, was the sound of me crashing into half-term break.

I have done next to nothing this week, and it's been exactly what I needed. But now it's time to get back into everything. The next half-term contains an awful lot of stuff - busy school life, busy social life, an inspection and a 30th birthday.... As much as I'm a little sad that I spent much of this break snoozing, playing games, watching TV and snoozing some more, I know the downtime I've banked will do me good in the days and weeks to come....

How are you, lovelies?

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  1. Sounds like a good way to spend your break. You can't be going at 110 mph all the time, you know! ;)

    Wow, I guess it's been three years since you used your break to come here!

    I could really use a break... from a lot of things. Work is crazy and I'm a little bit sad these days. But it's okay, I've gone to three concerts in a week, so really, how can I complain?

  2. Happy almost b.day! It only gets better after 30. Don't let anyone tell you differently ;)

    Most of next week is my do-nothing week...visiting family and drinking mochas!

  3. Take care of yourself, Miss Busy!

  4. Yay for the nice relaxing break! Some time we need that lazy time and snoozing! Glad you got to relax on your break! I hope the rest of the term goes well, I know it will be busy but there is also holidays to look forward too!


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