TOMY: 1995 and 1994

Yep, it's a two year post!

A few days off blogging (quite eerily, I paused at precisely 666 posts. Shudder.) have interupted this series, and as I actually want to blog about life and love and Christmas too, needs must that we double up!

Take That: Never Forget

Take That were pretty much impossible to escape during my teens. Many an argument broke out in my dorm at boarding school over who was cuter / who was the most talented... the same arguments, I am sure, that were going on up and down the country! I liked some of The That's songs, but others I actively disliked. This track is my favourite of all their songs - a real pop gem. From the minute the brass and choristers start you know it's going to be good. When the beat kicks in? Epic.

Pop used to be good, y'all:

1994's entry is the purely for it's place as the first single I ever bought (on vinyl, people). I saved my pocket money, I did extra chores, I went without my issues of Just Seventeen magazine, all to but this "classic" track....

Mariah Carey - Without You

What can I say? From time to time, I *love* a good power ballad!

Mariah used to be so wholesome!

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  1. OK, I finally recognize one of the artists! (Mariah Carey.) Although I haven't heard that song...How many years are you going to go back? Just curious.

  2. I'm going back to the song that was number 1 when I was born....we're just over halfway there, but I'll be doing double year posts so I can actually write about other stuff, too!


  3. Congrats to you! Hope you and yours had a terrific Turkey Day!


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